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Recommended Equipment

What to Wear When Playing Broomball
The following is a list of both required and recommended equipment to wear when playing full-ice broomball. In terms of a shirt or jersey, some teams purchase hockey practice or game jerseys. Ideally you want something long sleeve, relatively lightweight, and that can cover elbow pads. For pants, roller hockey pants or loose sweatpants or athletic pants that can cover knee and shin pads are ideal.

All equipment below may be purchased from an online retailer such as or Midwest Broomball.

Broomball Shoes

Most people who have never played broomball do not realize that it is played in special shoes that help give you additional traction on the ice. They are essential for being able to play effectively, while minimizing chances for injury, and are required in most serious leagues.

Shoes range in price, but generally start at around $50 on sale, with an average retail price around $90. If you are playing in an indoor league, such as the Detroit Broomball Club, you should purchase indoor broomball shoes.

Broomball Stick or "Broom"

Brooms typically have a wooden or aluminum shaft (similar to a lacrosse stick shaft) and a rubber triangular or rectangular head. Most competitive players opt for an aluminum shaft or better.  Standard stick length is 46 inches, although most higher-end sticks can be purchased in a “long” version, which is 52 inches. Long sticks are best suited to players 6 feet tall or taller. Sticks may also be cut down for shorter players. All sticks have an end cap that helps prevent injury from being inadvertently speared by the shaft and are required to be on.

Brooms start as low as $30, with decent brooms costing $70 or higher.


Official broomballs are rubber balls that are 6 inches in diameter. There are different balls for indoor (warmer) versus outdoor (colder) leagues. Most leagues will furnish balls for use in games, but it is helpful to have one or two of your own to practice with.

A skilled player can shoot a broomball 65mph or faster.


Bauer IMS 5

A helmet is required at all times when on the ice playing broomball. A hockey helmet is highly recommended, although some leagues may allow bicycle or skiing helmets or similar, especially for beginner players. Facemasks are generally optional, except for goalies. Hagan makes a broomball mask that is designed for most hockey helmets and which looks like a traditional mask but with the grid cut out in front of the eyes for increased visibility.

Because the recommended helmet is a hockey helmet your best bet for a good deal may be to search online at specialty hockey suppliers like Pure Hockey or Hockey Monkey, although both and Midwest Broomball have a decent combo option:

Leg Pads & Elbow Pads

It is highly recommended that you wear protective knee and shin pads, or combination padding such as hockey leg pads.

Elbow pads are also recommended.

Leg Pads
Elbow Pads


Gloves are also highly recommended. Many hockey players will play using their hockey gloves, although dedicated broomball gloves, which are lighter weight and less bulky, are also available. At a minimum consider wearing utility gloves or similar.

Goalie Equipment

Broomball Goalie


Goalies must wear a hockey helmet with a face mask or a hockey goalie helmet.

Chest Protector

Goalies may optionally wear a hockey goalie chest protector, hockey shoulder pads, or equivalent. With shots sometimes hitting 80mph or more goalies definitely can benefit from some extra padding!


Goalies may optionally use a hockey goalie blocker.


Most goalies play with a standard broomball glove, utility glove, hockey glove, or similar. This is optional, but goalies generally want enough dexterity to be able to grip or throw the 6″ standard broomball, while still having some protection for their hand and fingers.

Protective Cup / Pelvic Protection

This is optional for all players, but is especially strongly recommended for goalies.

Protective Pants

Ice hockey pants, goalie hockey pants, or a protective girdle are strongly recommended for goalies.

Leg Pads

Goalies generally wear ice hockey leg pads. Hockey goalie pads are not allowed, and broomball leg pads / shin pads may be too thin to effectively protect against hard shots or whacks from a broomball stick that may result during a scrum in front of the net.


Goalies must wear broomball shoes.


Goalies must play with a regulation broomball stick.