Detroit Broomball Club

Game Format


Games played in the Detroit Broomball Club generally have the following format:

  • 3-minute warm-up.
  • 2 x 20-minute running time periods.
  • 2-minute half time between periods.
  • Each team has one 30-second time out available per period.
  • Zamboni prior to the first game but no zamboni between back-to-back games.
  • Goals are official broomball size 6 feet high and 8 feet wide.
  • 5-on-5 format plus a goalie.
  • Teams must have one female player on the ice at all times, unless a game has previously been designated as a men’s game or women’s game.
  • At least one referee (either an officially certified referee when possible or an experienced player if not possible) will be present, with a second referee present subject to availability.
  • All players must wear commercially-produce official broomball shoes and use a regulation broomball stick.
  • ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR A HELMET AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE ICE. NO EXCEPTIONS. Ice hockey helmets or similar are strongly recommended.
  • Goalies must wear hockey helmets with a face mask.
  • Additional protective equipment including knee pads and shin guards or leg pads, elbow pads, gloves, and pelvic protectors for women or protective cups for men are strongly recommended.
Games will follow the posted Detroit Broomball Club Rules.

Standings & Seeding

Regular Session play shall be used to determining the standings and seeding for the playoffs and championship as follows:
  • No overtime during regular session play.
  • Points shall be awarded to each team based on the following:
    • 3 points for a win.
    • 1 point for a tie.
    • 0 points for a loss.
  •  Following conclusion of the regular session teams shall be seeded 1st to 3rd based on total points earned, with the team with the most points being the 1st seed. In the event of a tie between teams the following tie-breaking order shall be used:
    • Head‐to‐Head results (BETWEEN TWO TEAMS ONLY).
    • Most wins.
    • Fewest goals allowed.
    • Most goals scored.
    • Coin toss.


For playoff and championship games the following shall apply:
  • Teams may not utilize any substitute players.
  • All players participating in the playoff rounds must have played at least 3 games during the regular session.
  • For playoff games tied after regulation time is completed, the following rules will be used for overtime:
    • A five (5) minute period will be played: teams may have no more than four (4) players on the ice at a time, of which one (1) must be a female, and a goaltender is permitted on the ice. Play will continue until a goal is scored or the period ends.
    • If no goals are scored in this first overtime period, teams will play a “golden goal” overtime period: teams may have no more than four (4) players on the ice at a time, of which one (1) must be female, and no goaltenders are permitted to play. The ball must cross the center red line before a legal goal can be scored. Play will continue until a goal is scored.